Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Australia Sydney North Mission office couples and assistants to the president

Elder McRae pays the bills along with a number of other things. He loves and worries about our missioaries. At the end of every phone call with Elders and Sisters you can hear him say, "be careful out there."
Sister McRae is the office secretary. She is one of the nicest women ever. The Elders and Sisters call the office for a variety of reasons but one suspects it is because they want to know they are loved, Sister McRae can change a bad day into something to smile about.

Elder and Sister Taylor are the flat couple. They work magic. These two work hard. If a flat needs to be closed and moved or if new mattress is needed they get the job done. This mission could not run as smoothly as it does without them.

Elder Boardman and Elder Sunnex were the assistants until March 16 when Elder Boardman finished his mission. Elder Kingi has replaced Elder Boardman.

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