Tuesday, March 2, 2010

December and February arrivals

February Arivals; Elders Barton, Chan, Mataki-Kaiaruna, Miller, Huntsman,Maurer, Astel, President & Sister Scruggs, Vardeman, Hill, Hill & Shoobridge
New Missionaries leaving the airport.

December Arivals; Sister Chi & Sekona, Sister & President Scruggs, Elders Gee, MacCourtney, Sobotka, Kerr, Perry, Fulcher & Bulfin
These pictures are taken by the Sydney Harbor. The missionaries get the chance to see beautiful downtown Sydney and touch the Sydney Opera House. After that we cross the bridge into the The Australia Sydney North Mission. We would tell them that they will not see these sights again until they leave the mission. That is no longer true. On July 1st the North mission will be combined with the South mission. I'm not sure but, geographly it would have to be one of the biggest missions in the world.

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  1. looks like you have been busy!!! is the president still keeping slim?